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I have been called "the happy artist" by many, probably because all of my art and writing is happy in nature and free-spirited in style. I have a saying, "If you wait to be happy, you will wait forever. If you are happy now, you will be happy forever." Happiness is a theme in everything I create -- from books to bibs!

I have been an artist all of my life. As a native Californian I attended Occidental College, then graduated from USC with a degree in Fine Arts. At the same time I was developing my art, I was honing my tennis skills. I became a National Junior Champion, a member of the US Wightman Cup Team and a semi-finalist at Wimbledon. Later I taught my special "zen" tennis to celebrity clients such as Barbra Streisand, Joel Grey and Jill St. John. I also worked in the entertainment industry, first as an assistant to Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. then as manager of Paul Simon's music publishing company.

In the 1980's with the help of my husband, Marv, former head of advertising and promotion for Hallmark Cards, I returned to art and writing in a big way. Today my art dances across thousands of products including signature lines of clothing, purses, children's books and even baby bibs. My paintings and gift art brighten walls and uplift hearts in homes, office buildings and hotels. Some of my art can be found in the homes of Larry Hagman, Joel Grey, Kirk Douglas and Jack Jones. Hillary Clinton also has an original painting entitled "A Happy Child". Latest in my creative adventures is a King Features syndicated newspaper feature called "Happy Musings."

You may view my art and products at and sign up for the Happy News, a monthly collection of "Happy Musings", good stories and good stuff. You may also view my auctions and store on Ebay, "Official Sally Huss Art and Gifts".


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